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Hero Wallet Bryan Series 400bla Better Than Leather

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  • Material: Embrodermic material; a Leather like cloth also referred to as poromeric leathers which are a group of synthetic "breathable" substitutes designed to look and feel like "real" leather. It is hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. It is soft to the touch; yet withstands rugged use.
  • Size: Closed   4.5 inches in width   3 inches in height
  • Size: Open      5.75 inches
  • Interior hidden structured Nylon for strength
  • Each interior   side 2 pockets for credit cards. Total of 4 pockets
  • Each side has a hidden pocket for additional credit card/business cards/photos
  • Back side has an additional pocket.
  • Machined stitched. NO Glue